Wildlife at Nosterfield

The Reserve’s primary value lies in its birds, particularly waders and waterfowl. Increasingly interesting plants are establishing and the open grasslands becoming more diverse; which in turn brings a greater variety of insects. Climate change is also showing through, particularly in the variety and number of butterfly and dragonfly species now being seen.

Species Lists

To coincide with the new website the Nosterfield Bird List has been updated, giving a comprehensive inventory of the 227 species which have been seen on the reserve. That number swells to 235 in the greater recording area around the reserve.

The latest species was added in January 2016 – a Common Redpoll.

In addition there are two other new lists aimed to enhance your visit to Nosterfield.  The Nosterfield Butterfly List and Nosterfield Dragonfly List.

These are charts which show the flight periods of 27 species of butterfly and 19 dragonfly species seen at Nosterfield and the optimum times of the year when you are likely to see them.

If you spot a species not on our lists during your visit, please tweet or contact us!