In May 1997 The Lower Ure Conservation Trust (LUCT) was established to work for the conservation of biodiversity of species and their habitat.



Recent declines in the breeding numbers of lapwing, redshank and curlew have highlighted the urgent need to provide optimum nesting and feeding habitats to prevent further damaging losses.

Lapwing are estimated to have suffered a national decline of 80% in the past 50 years. The species is now absent as a breeding bird in much of southern England and Wales.

Lapwing and chick at Nosterfield NR

Lapwing and chick at Nosterfield NR

The curlew is estimated to have undergone a “moderately rapid” global decline in recent years and is now considered to be near-threatened.

Curlew at Nosterfield NR

Curlew at Nosterfield NR

At its Nosterfield reserve, LUCT aims to establish best practice in the provision and maintenance of wet grassland to help local populations of these waders. We would also encourage others to establish similar habitat, be they landowners, NGOs or like-minded conservation bodies.

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Set up and managed by an independent charity, the Lower Ure Conservation Trust, and managed totally by volunteers, this award-winning reserve ticks all the boxes!
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Key dates

  • 1997 LUCT is formally established and registered as a 'Company Limited by Guarantee' 
  • 1999 LUCT becomes a Registered Charity
  • Nosterfield NR wins the British Trust for Ornithology’s (BTO) Best Small Wetland in the national Birds in Business Awards 2000