Work begins on the reedbed

Back when Nosterfield’s reedbed was first established, the worry was whether or not the reeds would establish at all. Now, some twelve years later, the reeds have done far too well and it is time to prune them back! The reeds have encroached on the maze of waterways, creating a thick thatch where once there was open water. These waterways are key to the success of the reedbed as they provide corridors of open water - a habitat for fish which, in turn, provide food for many birds.

We have already installed a new sluice gate to allow better control of the water levels in the reedbed and now, after dropping the level, we have begun work cutting and removing the reeds. This project has been timed to coincide with our Heritage Lottery Funded Well Wetlands Project, which sees our volunteer team expanding and developing the plant nursery. Many of the plants raised in the wetbeds of the nursery will go into planting new habitats created as we re-landscape the areas around the reedbed into high value habitats.

If you are a birder, we appreciate your patience as we work on improvements. However, if you can lend a hand with one of the largest projects at Nosterfield in a decade, let us know through the ‘volunteer’ tab.