Records tumble during Packham visit

For the second year running, LUCT participated in the national BioBlitz campaign to assess the state of the nation's wildlife. Over 100 volunteers and naturalists joined presenter Chris Packham to "Blitz" the Reserve and Quarry to record as many species as possible in just 24 hours.

Hopes were high that last year's record of 726 species would be broken.  However, few anticipated that nearly 850 species would be recorded on the day including the highest recorded number of species of moth caught during one night in Yorkshire. With many insect species yet to be identified, the total tally could be nearer to 1000 species. 

During his visit, Chris talked to many Nosterfield volunteers, as well as members of the public, to highlight the plight of the UK's wildlife which, in many cases, is confined to nature reserves like Nosterfield due to habitat degradation, pollution and climate change. Chris titled the campaign "Nature reserves are not enough". 

Chris praised the work of dedicated volunteers saying, "the enthusiasm on the site is palpable and everyone has put in a sterling effort but what we need to do now is see the bigger picture. What is going on 'over the fence' is disastrous, even with all the skills here we cannot put our finger in the dyke to stop the decline. However, we have the toolkit, the armoury, the passion, enthusiasm and knowledge to save our wildlife. From the punk rock generation, we can't leave it to other people - we need to do it ourselves." 

Our thanks go to all those who helped spread the word, raise the profile, make the tea, sandwiches and buns, run bat walks, man stalls, wear polycotton polo shirts in tropical temperatures, count moths, birds, flies, dragonflies, insects, pond life, bats, make bacon sandwiches, give directions, input data, put up signs or point out parking.

We couldn't have done it without you. 

Thanks to Stuart Roebuck and Lucy White for the photographs.