What to see at Nosterfield Nature Reserve this season

Prevernal - 1st March to 1st May

A short but important season with everything bursting into life after winter.

The winter cold is now a fading memory as our breeding birds, mammals and invertebrates take centre stage.  The cavorting calls of lapwing and the plaintive cries of curlew fill the Nosterfield air. 

Cowslips and violets enjoy their brief spell in the spring sunshine.  Willow catkins dance in the breeze and your first sight of a bumblebee is probably just seconds away. They love the rich pollen of catkins. 

On a warm sunny day look carefully at the gravel banks for the emerald flash of the green tiger beetle... one of our fastest running insects.

Brimstone and comma butterflies might put in an appearance.

Or take a close look at the open water of our dipping pond, still full after the winter deluge... for frog spawn, along with palmate and smooth newts.            

And then there are our summer bird visitors, just arriving after their long, arduous journeys from Africa.  The whitethroat gives its presence away with a scratchy call; the sedge warbler sings while flitting from bush to bush.