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LUCT is a small charity but with big successes; working hard to promote and support our local wildlife, whilst thinking big landscape scale. We manage Nosterfield Local Nature Reserve, generally acknowledged as North Yorkshire’s premier wetland grassland nature reserve.

Nosterfield re-opens after £40,000 facelift

We’re back…and looking better and brighter than ever!

Construction of a dipping pond in the south-east corner of our reserve at Nosterfield, together with a re-vamp of the car park and 1,000 metres of footpath have been virtually completed and the reserve re-opened for visitors on July 30th.

The four-week project involved the movement of more than 800 tonnes of limestone, installation of the pond base, construction of wooden frames, the digging of holes and ditches carried out by an assembly of professionals and LUCT volunteers.

The work started immediately after the reserve was closed for the Tour de France and lasted four weeks. It would not have been possible without a generous grant of £30,000 from Yorventure to whom we are enormously grateful.

LUCT director Simon Warwick who oversaw the work said he was tremendously excited by what had been achieved.

“School children will obviously be attracted to the dipping pond which was one of the priorities we had when drawing up plans for this project. But it will be available to everyone to get close views of the insect life and especially the dragonflies which are attracted to our reserve. And it is not small – the total area of the development is more than 100 square metres.

“We’ve got a bit of tidying up to do but everything is in place and now is the right time to re-open the reserve in time for the school holidays and the bird migration.”